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... aaaaannnnnnddd ... - Feel her TREMBLE as the nightmare begins

About ... aaaaannnnnnddd ...

Previous Entry ... aaaaannnnnnddd ... Sep. 24th, 2007 @ 10:04 am Next Entry
... Clumsy Katie Strikes Again!!!
haha so yesterday after work Jeff and Joe pick me up so we can all go to Taco Bell. cool. we get there and the hick lady behind the drive thru register can't seem to distinguish the difference between 'BEANS' and 'BEEF' so pretty much our whole order was wrong!! not cool.  so Jeff kindly gets out and goes inside to correct the mistakes, as soon as he walks in the manger says " what that dumb bitch mess up this time? shes been fucking up all day!" i felt kinda bad because she did apologize, but im pretty sure she was let go. sorry lady. anyways so after all that we finally get home and i decide to carry the drinks (i wont go into details because it would take to long to even explain but i'll put the keywords; "high heels"+"rocks"+ "clumsiness"= "severe pain") somehow i rolled one ankle underneath the other, my shoes went flying(one found under the car the other was found somewhere by a bush), and i pretty much fracture my big toe on my left foot and i also managed to fuck up my knee. greaattt. i woke up like every hour on the hour last night because i couldn't find a comfortable position, or my toe would hurt, or my fucked up knee would hurt, or whatnot. its not cool. i hate it. hah. fuck. annnd i came into work today wearing my hubbie's slippers because my foot is still swollen. i love Jeff sososososo much, he was my knight in shinning armor yesterday, as soon as i fell he came to my rescue and picked my ass of the ground and carried me upstairs into bed. he wouldn't let me do anything, he bandaged me up, made me lay down and keep an ice pack on. he made me feel like a damsel in distress and i secretly loved being nurtured(seeing that im the one that usually plays nurse). i can't thank him enough, but im sure i can think of a couple different ways to show him my gratitude :D. i just want to be better again. now i have to delay my work out routine until im better and its driving me crazy. poop. theres always something though. always.
well i should get back to work.
*Clumsy Katie is back and will probably strike again in the near future*, with my luck anyways.

gotta keep it positive though because we all know  "IT COULD BE WORSE"
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Date:September 25th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
well hopefully you'll be better soon :)
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