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IT IS MUTHAFUCKIN' OFFICIAL!!!! - Feel her TREMBLE as the nightmare begins


Previous Entry IT IS MUTHAFUCKIN' OFFICIAL!!!! Oct. 27th, 2007 @ 10:26 am Next Entry
woop woop woop woop woop woop im so excited woop woop woop stoked woop woop woop i cant waaaaaaaaiiiiiiittttt!!!!
so officially from May 8th - May 15th (thursday-thursday) our asses will be residing in Europe to get totally trashed and have an amazing time doing so. my dads totally excited. Joe and I talk about it everyday, seriously a thousand times per day. Jeffy and I are planning the many events that will most likely end in trouble. WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND FOR ADULTS hahaha. i cant wait. hotels are booked and everything. these next 7 months are going to go by so slowly i bet hah.

in other news....
from now on im going to try and add at least one picture for every post i make.
this is me. nothing more, nothing less. a million imperfections and none i would change. i mean it would be nice to be a billionaire, but other then that im content. actually happy and staying that way.

im excited to live and love and be loved.

*notice my lovely cut ,on my hand near my thumb, that is now in the process of scarring.  thanks to Aero it looks like im some emo chick starving for attention. if you think thats bad you should see my right wrist.*
pictures obviously take up my time here at work.

my favorite conversations are the ones in the garage.
i cant wait to go home.
today is slowly drifting by.
you are way to fucking cute.
im too lazy to write anything else.
the end.
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